The Non-Consensual Origin Of K-2SO From Rogue One Revealed In Today’s Star Wars Comics

K-2SO was quite the hit in Rogue One: A Star Wars story. An Empire battledroid who had been reprogrammed to serve the Rebellion, but did so in a rather sarcastic and embittered fashion, voice by Alan Tudyk. But how did the Rebellion – specifically Cassian Andor, as played by Diego Luna, come by the big beast?

Today’s comic book Star Wars: Cassian & K-2SO reveals the in-canon explanation of how the two met, on the planet of Wecacoe, with Kertas and Rismor as espionage agents. A tripped alarm. And a need for some muscle.

All the more reason to find some from the other side.

Get them into a vulnerable position.

 And then engage in fumbling to rid a robot of its memory and build it back up again to someone a little more…useful.

No wonder he’s so bitter. Here’s the thing, Star Wars has always acted as if its droids are sentient. They express complicated ideas, they behave in as emotional a manner as biological lifeforms and people care for them.

They are also treated as objects to be bought and sold, blown up and destroyed, like slaves. Without anyone even suggesting in the films that this may be an issue. I know this was a long, long time ago, but it does suggest droids rights may be around the corner.

So yes, having your memories, the things that make you who you are, wiped and replaced by new experiences to make you more compliant? I’m surprised more droids don;t end up like O-O-O and BT 1 over in today’s Doctor Aphra…

Too damn right…

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