‘Splatoon 2’ Leaks Include New Maps & Weapons

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The past few days have not been a good time for Nintendo to keep secrets. First Arms has a reveal of new characters, now Splatoon 2 appears as if they’ll be getting a new set of items added in the future. Dataminers have gone over the game and posted their latest findings on Reddit, which includes new maps and weapons headed to the game.


Reddit user OatmealDome posted some info via Wii Sports, who found unfinished data for two maps in the game (Kelp Dome and Blackbelly Skatepark) that appear to be getting a revamp for something new, along with new map slots for two called Tunnel and Line. It also appears Shifty Station is getting some testing, as well as two new maps for Salmon Run called Threepoints and Shakehouse.

On the weapons side of things, a series of new weapons will be coming to multiplayer including an umbrella gun that acts as a shield, a blaster that fires off like a sparkler firework, and a charger where you hold it down like a Mega Man shot to do a powerful blast. Plus, two different kinds of semi-automatic guns called the Squeezer and the Foil Squeezer. You can check out the thread for the finer details, but it appears Splatoon 2 is another game Nintendo is planning to update for the long haul.

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