Blizzard Has More IP’s On The Way, But They’re Still Years Away

A bit of cool news that you’ll need to wait a while for it to come to fruition. Dualshockers got a bit of news about Blizzard’s future while listening to the Activision quarterly financial call that will have some fans excited. During the call, Mike Morhaim (Blizzard’s President and Co-Founder) spoke about the company working on a few new IP’s, but that the anything the company releases will take some time as they don’t wish to put out a product that doesn’t meet their standards.

Now, just for the sake of speculation, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Blizzard and its various divisions were already working on updated content for properties already out and being active, such as World Of Warcraft, Overwatch, and Hearthstone. Even proper sequels to any of their properties would be considered business as usual. But when you’re talking new IP’s, you’re talking about material that hasn’t even left the drawing room, let alone is a currently playable title.

So while the bad news for fans is that it may be years before you see a brand new game debut at Blizzcon or get a trailer at E3, the good news is it will be fresh material that won’t be a sequel or an addition to anything they already make, so Blizzard’s library of games will probably be expanding within the next decade. If you’re just a fan of all things Blizzard, that has to make you happy.

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