The Milkshake Incident: Spike Trotman Calls Out Marvel's Hiring Practices

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Amongst the response to the social media attacks on Marvel editor Heather Antos and other Marvel comic book editors for enjoying a milkshake at Ben & Jerry’s at the end of the week — a story that has even made it to Britain’s Daily Telegraph — there was one interesting knot that may be worth untangling. Something Marvel Comics writer Charles Soule said:

Of course, this is true of all sorts of companies right now. It’s the way of the world, and it’s why some folk are a) careful what they post b) go back and prune what they post c) have their system set to delete every post they have made after a year in an act of what will in the future be seen as cultural vandalism, Kieron Gillen…yes, even your puns. But anyway. But Soule has made this specific act public, which raises two points.

Because, firstly, that may persuade people who might want to work at Marvel from saying things about people who might really deserve it. There’s a certain Chairman whose actions and beliefs have drawn valid criticism, as well as comic creators who have used social media to encourage violent threats. And secondly, it rather depends on the person being targeted.

But Spike Trotman, comic creator and publisher of Iron Circus, had something else to say about that tweet:

And when it was pointed out that the Milkshake incident was what he was referring to in the tweet, replied:

Indeed, that would be a reference to hiring Chris Sims, a blogger who has posted comparable things to those that were directed at Heather Antos, towards then-Marvel writer Valerie D’Orazio. And at a later date was hired on X-Men books. And, at the time, Antos — who works with Jordan White who did the hiring — appeared to have defended Sims against D’Orazio, even as Sims was posting apologies for his past actions.

But her point is an incredibly valid one. If Marvel Comics really want you on their comics, nothing else seems to matter…and ironically, given Iron Spike’s work in the industry, they probably would be much more open to making an offer to her now. Despite — or even because — of everything she’s said about them.

Anyone for a milkshake?

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