Players Are Working On A Multiplayer Mod For ‘Breath Of The Wild’

Even if you’re playing with friends on a couch, The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild (and for that matter, most Zelda games in the series) are usually a single-player experience. So while you can enjoy the story and the adventure with your friends as a voyeur-type experience before you go off and play your version, there really isn’t a way for you to get into it at the same time.


Or maybe there is! A Reddit group¬†are forging a PC mod of the game that will essentially be a multiplayer experience. (Because trying to mod a Nintendo Switch at the moment is more hassle than it’s worth.) You can see the group’s progress in the photos above as they’re experimenting with getting multiple Link characters to share the same space, but the mod is not complete and is still in the experimentation phase.

You can join the group on their Dischord channel and read up on updates that they’re putting into the mod, but at the moment it looks like a lot of what they’re doing is trying to figure out how to break the game so that they can at least get a co-op version going.

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