Will Titans And Teen Titans Merge In 2018?

Another story coming from the smoking area outside the Hyatt at San Diego Comic-Con. I mean, yes, as well as all the “whose shagging who”. But you don’t want to know those stories, right? Of course you don’t, you want to know what’s happening with DC Comics superhero titles in the near to short term future, am I right? Well if you are then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve already heard the word that Blue Beetle may be the first DC Rebirth title heading for the chop. But what about titles that actually sell better?

Because, currently, DC Comics publishes two Titans books: Titans and Teen Titans.

Titans features┬áthe Titans who used to be Teen Titans when they were teens, but now their missing histories have been returned and they’re all now just Titans again.

Teen Titans features┬áthe Titans who haven’t any hidden histories and so are still Teens again, even though some of them, at one point, were Titans.

Is that clear? No?

Well, that might be why, I hear, that in 2018, whatever the age of the characters, there will be one, possibly twice-monthly comic called Teen Titans. Less muddying of the brand, and more muddying of the ages. They’ll all be teenagers at heart, I’m sure.

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