Who Watches The Watchmen? Geoff Johns Does, At San Diego Comic-Con With The First Panels Of ‘Doomsday Clock’

At the Geoff Johns spotlight panel at San Diego Comic-Con, you get a massive DC Doomsday Clock pin for coming along! You get a massive DC Doomsday Clock pin for coming along! Everyone gets a massive DC Doomsday Clock pin for coming along!

But we also got a sneak peek at the first few panels of Doomsday Clock, too… out in November from Johns and Gary Frank. And we learned a few things.

doomsday clock

That’s the first panel of the comic there, echoing Rorschach’s secret identity sign.

Geoff Johns wants Doomsday Clock to be published right before Thanksgiving, because he has a strong memory of joyously getting comics during that holiday and knowing no one would bother him. And he wants to recapture that feeling. Hopefully he won’t be gored to death by the rampaging puppet snake god Glycon at such a festive time.

You will also have learned that Geoff Johns wants to do a run on Batman. Hear that, Tom King? The President of DC Comics wants your job.

And yes, he confirms that it is Doctor Manhattan in DC Rebirth (to him, the most emotionally affecting comic he’s ever written) and the upcoming Doomsday Clock. Talking about Superman, Johns says “He is the story” of Doomsday Clock.

The comic takes place after DC Rebirth and Metal — and by the time issue 12 is done, the rest of the DCU will have caught up.

Johns said he loves seeing the smartest man from one world talking to the smartest man from another. He said the smartest man on the DC Earth is indeed Lex Luthor.

And that is the end of the panel. But nothing ever ends, Adrian…

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