Alfred Perez’s ‘Gao’ From Antarctic Press Launches In October

Alfred Perez has been creating a mini-comic called Gao for a while now and as of October it will be printed and published. Antarctic Press will have Gao #1 by Perez out on comic book stands on October 25th.

Cower at the presence of Gao, colossal kaiju of cuteness!  This lovable leviathan spends his days under the sea until visiting aliens convince him to make friends on the surface.  Gao thus leaves the ocean depths, only to spread shock and d’awww in his wake.  This adorable mountain of menace unleashes destruction with every step…but how can you be mad at a face like that?

At a big-press price of $3.99…

And a few days later, a mini-story from Gao will also be made available for Halloween ComicFest as a free mini-comic or for sale as a 25-pack of mini-comics to give away to Trick-or-Treaters instead of sweets and candy on Halloween.

alfred perez

So “gao” on and check it out… this is pretty much how Bone started.

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