2016 Ghostbusters To Answer The Call Again In New Mini-Series By Kelly Thompson And Corin Howell From IDW

The Ghostbusters from the 2016 film Ghostbusters: Answer The Call are getting their own series at IDW this October.

Valentino Pinta variant

From the creative team of Kelly Thompson and Corin Howell, Ghostbusters: Answer The Call will star the all-woman 2016 team who were revealed to exist in an alternate universe accessible via dimensional portal by the 1980s Ghostbusters in the current IDW mini-series by Erik Burnham and Dan Schoening, Ghostbusters 101.

"These ladies are magic together, and I love tapping into their crazy creativity, science-y brains and kind hearts," said Thompson in an EXCLUSIVE at the LA Times. "But let's be real, I'm mostly here for as many jokes as possible, and with these ladies, the jokes come fast and furious. Plus, who doesn't want to write Kevin? It's a dream come true!"

Artist Howell also cited getting to draw Kevin as a major plus. We're starting to sense a theme here.

The comic hit stores this October.

Corin Howell cover


Emma Viecelli variant cover


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