WWE Cancels Talking Smack; Renee Young And Daniel Bryan Find Out On Twitter

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Is canceling your show via tweet the new firing via Fed-Ex?

It looks like that might be the case, as WWE has canceled its Talking Smack talk show, with last week’s episode being the last. Unfortunately, they forgot to tell hosts Renee Young and Daniel Bryan, who got the news third-hand via Twitter.

Originally launched following the brand split, Talking Smack quickly emerged as a show where WWE talent could improvise off script, immediately making it more entertaining than 99% of their programming, and allowing its performers to hone their improvisation skills as well, something that didn’t go unnoticed:

Sadly, though it originally aired immediately after Smackdown Live as a must-watch after-show, WWE soon shifted the show back to air after the live 205 Live cruiserweight show, which nobody wants to watch because WWE has trained its viewers to not take cruiserweights seriously. As a result, rather than switch immediately to the WWE Network to watch Talking Smack, viewers were forced to find something else to do to pass roughly 45 minutes. Viewership suffered all around.

We’ll certainly miss Talking Smack, which WWE seemed to do its best to kill off as soon as it started getting over on its own, which, if we’re being fair, is technically the standard company policy. And it looks like we’re not the only ones:

Talking Smack will continue to air as a post-Smackdown-PPV show, once per month.

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