Little Nightmares Gives Us A Glimpse Of The Depths DLC With New Screenshots

Little Nightmares

The first of three planned expansions for Tarsier Studios and Bandai Namco’s Little Nightmares hits tomorrow, but first we have some screenshots to tease you with. All three DLCs are called the Sectrets of the Maw, but the first expansion takes us down into The Depths. And what we’ll find is pretty chilling for a game featuring a protagonist in a yellow raincoat. Not that we’re playing as Six this time around. Instead, we are taking on The Granny as a mysterious runaway kid, instead of the raincoat-clad Six.

The Granny has been left to decay over the years, her fearsome rage building all the while. And now she’ll let no one go from her clutches, should they be foolish or unlucky enough to venture into the murky depths of the Maw. As the runaway kid, players will have to traverse floating debris to escape The Granny and avoid being pulled into the treacherous waters of The Depths.

Little Nightmares‘ The Depths DLC will be available on July 7th with the Secrets of the Maw season pass for $9.99/£7.99. That’ll be followed by The Hideaway DLC in November, picking up with the Runaway Kid finding his way to the fires of The Maw’s engine room. The final DLC chapter is scheduled for January 2018.

You can take a gander at some screenshots from The Depths in the gallery below.

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