X-Men Gold #7: Is Rachel Summers Going To Get Some Tail? (SPOILERS)

Once upon a time (in the ’90s), Nightcrawler, AKA Kurt Wagner, lived with Phoenix, AKA Rachel Summers, in a cramped lighthouse somewhere in the northern reaches of Scotland. As the mutant/Otherworldian team Excalibur, they got up to much derring-do as superheroes and in their personal lives. Yet for Nightcrawler and Phoenix, this was basically how it went.

However, a few years ago, when the Excalibur team of Chris Claremont and Alan Davis reunited in 2004 in Uncanny X-Men, something did indeed happen.

But not for long. And that was about it. Until today. In the previous issue of X-Men Gold, Rachel had gone a little kablooey.

Well today, in X-Men Gold #7 by Marc Guggenheim and Ken Lashley, we get a better idea of what was going on…

Rachel Summers

It’s almost as if they’d completely¬†forgotten the events of 13 years ago! Well, probably everyone else involved with the comic book had. Anyway, it looks like after nearly one and a half decades, Red is going blue…

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