Check Out A Preview Of Last Song By Holly Interlandi And Sally Cantirino, In Stores Next Week From Black Mask

Black Mask has released a preview of Last Song #1, a new project launching next week by Holly Interlandi and Sally Cantirino.

The book will be released as four quarterly 64-page graphic novellas, starting with Last Song #1 on July 12. Black Mask touts the format as “the unique visions of new creators looking to shake things up with fresh new approaches,” something Black Mask says it loves supporting, which is one of the reasons we love Black Mask.

Check out the synopsis below, and four preview pages below that. The 64-page black and white book will sell for $4.99.

Nicky Marshall was saved by rock and roll – or so he likes to think.

An awkward upbringing and turmoil following his father’s suicide led Nicky to form a band called Ecstasy with his childhood friend Drey. The music takes them to Los Angeles, raw and gritty and teeming with personalities. Nicky thinks they’re ready for stardom, but no one’s ever ready for stardom. This first of four oversized issues begins in the 1980s, grows out of grassroots clubs & introduces Ecstasy to the world – whether it’s ready for them or not.

From the brand new team of Holly Interlandi on scripts and Sally Cantirino on pencils & inks, this unique, heartbreaking story is about letting the music in… how it changes you and affects everyone around you, for better & worse.

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