‘Breath Of The Wild’ Has A Current Speed Record Holder On “Trial Of The Sword”

Let The Games Begin: Less than 48 hours since “The Master Trials” DLC was released for Breath Of The Wild, and the bar has currently been set for speedrunning part of it in under an hour. For those unfamiliar with it, the section called “Trial Of The Sword” which is 50 floors of mayhem as you go through some of the hardest fights you can imagine ranging from being swarmed by enemies on horses to dealing with a room full of guardians of every type. It isn’t for the weak of skill and will definitely test you to see where you land on the wheel of mastery for the latest Zelda game.

The current World Record holder for this particular trial as Canadian speedrunner Loloup set the bar for the trial. The first time he set the record was the first day it was out at 1:19:07, then yesterday he not only cleared the bar but raised it again to beat it at 49:01. That is some impressive work to watch and we’re sure he’ll be making his way to set the bar even higher before anyone even has a chance to come close to the new record. Enjoy the video below as he caps off a victory that even some awesome Zelda players haven’t cracked yet.

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