Nerd Food: Mickey Mouse Eggo Waffles — Who’s The Leader Of The Waffle? Mickey Mouse!

If you’ve ever had breakfast at a Disney park, you’re probably familiar with the Mickey Mouse waffles. They’re sold in almost every hotel food court, as well as various sit-down restaurants in the parks. They’re also really, really good. I usually try to get one during each visit. I crave that soft, flaky, Mickey Mouse-shaped magic. I should probably seek professional help, but they’re honestly good enough to lose your mind over. (The bacon isn’t bad, either.)

So when I saw these in my grocer’s freezer section, I threw them into my cart without really thinking about it. That’s become the norm for this column, and I’m glad I get paid to do this, because wow, I put some weird things in my mouth for the sake of writing. Isn’t being an adult fun? And this time, it’s Mickey Mouse Eggo waffles.

Mickey Mouse Eggo Waffles


Mickey Mouse Eggo Waffles

I already eat Homestyle Eggo waffles, so I knew what Mickey Mouse Eggo waffles would taste like. Kellogg’s did a great job with the packaging and even the design, as it’s not too over-the-top. These will not only grab your kids’ attention, but they’re also a great quick breakfast or snack option for people of all ages.

This one didn’t really heat evenly, but that’s likely due to my toaster. Like I said, Mickey Mouse Eggo waffles tastes exactly as you’d expect. Maybe not as good as the waffles in the parks, but then again, nothing is as good as it is in the parks. Granted, everything is also five times more expensive, but hey — magic costs money.

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