Twitch Affiliates Can Now Earn Subscription Money

Twitch’s new Affiliates Program was designed for non-Partnered streamers to still earn income from their Twitch streams, and today’s update will only make that easier. Affiliate content creators will get the same subscription rates as Twitch Partners  $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99 on their channels. They’ll also have one custom subscription emote per tier to give to their subscribers.

Twitch Prime members can use their free 30-day channel subscription on Affiliated channels, much like they can with Partnered ones.


Subscriptions are the latest monetization tool made available to members of the Affiliate Program. Previously, the Affiliate Program invited non-partnered qualifying creators to earn revenue through Cheering with Bits and selling games and in-game items originating from their channel pages. With Subscriptions, Affiliates now have the best way to earn money off their Twitch work in hand, it also allows for non-gaming Twitch Affiliates to make a decent living, since Twitch creators don’t just stream their in-game antics. The Affiliate Program currently includes emerging content creators who have met a minimum criteria based on their time spent streaming, viewership, and followers. To learn moreabout the Affiliate Program, you can check the program out in more detail over at the Twitch Help Center overview.

“We designed the Twitch Affiliate program as a stepping stone to our Partnership program, which includes providing several means of monetization to those creators aspiring to reach the next tier in their career,” said Ethan Evans, SVP of Commerce and Developer Success at Twitch. “By enabling Affiliates to use Cheering, sell games, and now offer subscriptions, we are leading the industry in offering monetization options to creators.”

Subscriptions will be available automatically on all Twitch Affiliate channels starting later this week. You will then see videos of Affiliates thanking their very first channel subscriber on @Twitch with the hashtag #myfirstsub.

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