Nerd Food: Let It Go With Finders Keepers’ New ‘Frozen’ Egg Surprise

Most of us are probably familiar with Kinder Eggs (or Wonder Balls), the milk chocolate eggs that have a surprise toy inside. I haven’t seen one in a while — but last I heard, kids had been choking on the toys because they were impatient, or because parents weren’t paying attention. For the most part, candy like this has been taken off of American shelves (though I’ve seen them in the past at Asian supermarkets), but you can still buy them overseas with little to no hassle.

So while perusing Target’s $1 section, I saw these Frozen Finders Keepers toy surprise eggs:

frozen egg

The egg and toy are separate, which is a good way to avoid kids potentially choking on the toy (even if it’s not quite as much fun). That being said, it can still be possible choking hazard. Please watch your kids.

The surprises you can get include two possible versions of Anna, two versions of Elsa, and one each of Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven. I got Elsa, who is my favorite character in Frozen, so I wouldn’t say I have a pressing need to buy another one of these anytime soon.

The mold isn’t exactly the best in the world — her face is a little wonky — but it’s also not the worst I’ve ever seen. For $1 it’s not bad, and again, it’s so cheap that I didn’t really care. The chocolate egg didn’t taste horrible, either, but it also didn’t give me any more incentive to go out and buy another one of these.

If Frozen isn’t your jam, there are also Star Wars ones where you can get Darth Vader, Yoda, Boba Fett, C-3PO, R2-D2, or a stormtrooper.

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