Is Drake Bell Joining The DCEU As Robin?

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In the world of entertainment journalism, and thanks to President Donald Trump, in real world journalism as well, a tweet can be an important source of news. According to statistics we made up right now, at least 40% of all entertainment journalism is based on social media posts, with more than 60% of those coming from Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn alone. So when Drake Bell (Drake and Josh, Ultimate Spider-Man) posted a tweet referencing the comic book character Robin, as first reported by, entertainment websites were left with no choice but to wildly speculate on what this could mean for a possible role in the DCEU.

As if a tweet referencing a comic book character weren’t enough, in this case, the absence of said tweet could be even more newsworthy than the tweet itself. Shortly after the tweet was posted, Bell deleted it, lending credence to the idea that Bell could be playing the Boy Wonder in an upcoming DC film, and that he may have had to delete the tweet after revealing too much.

Of course, Bell could also just be screwing with us all, but we’d like to think that no one in Hollywood would be so crass as to abuse the sanctity of such an important journalistic source as Twitter, which could undermine this entire institution.

Basically, what we’re saying is, Drake Bell confirmed for Robin in the DCEU.

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