Chris Jericho Is Returning To WWE Next Week... For Three Dates In Asia

Chris Jericho Is Returning To WWE Next Week… For Three Dates In Asia

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After being savagely betrayed by his best friend Kevin Owens and then losing his United States championship to him, WWE Superstar Chris Jericho has been absent from WWE TV. Sure, that absence has also coincided with a tour for Jericho’s rock band, Fozzy, which was a convenient coincidence.

With Jericho’s last run in WWE being very well received by fans, and WWE ratings ever-diminishing like Marvel Comics readership, a return to the ring for Jericho would be a good thing for WWE. And it just might be in the works.

According to dirt sheet PWInsider (paywalled, via 411 Wrestling), Jericho has been added to WWE’s upcoming shows in Asia, June 28 in Singapore, and June 30 and July 1 in Japan. Of note, these are RAW brand shows, even though Jericho was most recently on Smackdown Live.

Even though these shows could be isolated appearances, it’s worth noting that Fozzy doesn’t currently have any tour dates scheduled until the end of October. Jericho could make a return for a few months to WWE, just in time for SummerSlam, greatly improve RAW’s entertainment value for a while, and then head back off to tour with his band in the Fall before anyone has time to get tired of his gimmick.

Jericho is one of the few remaining Attitude Era stars who can still wrestle (thanks, DDP Yoga!), and one of the biggest stars available for WWE. We even met Chris Jericho once, back in the day. Would you like to hear about it? Well, too bad. This is our article.

It was sometime in 1996, and ECW was holding a show at the Lulu Temple in Philadelphia. We didn’t have our driver’s license yet, so we caught a ride from the Jersey Shore to Philly with a girl with an artificial leg who was a friend of a buddy of ours. We remember this fact because it was our hope, as a group, that one of the ECW wrestlers would use the girl’s leg to beat their opponent in a match. Sadly, this, didn’t happen, though New Jack did approach our buddy to propose a trade of some brand new ECW merchandise  in exchange for the shirt our buddy was wearing, which was styled like an orange prison shirt. New Jack claimed that he wanted to wear the shirt in his match that night, but he didn’t wear it, and as far as we saw in all of the ECW TV we watched, he never wore it. We’re not sure why he actually wanted the thing.

During the show, we were hanging outside smoking when we noticed some of the wrestlers entering and exiting through a side entrance. The Sandman, we noticed, brought a cardboard box filled with around 30 cheap beers inside. Not a case of beer, mind you. It was a plain cardboard box which had been reappropriated to carry the beer.

We knocked on the door, and who should answer but “LionHeart” Chris Jericho.

“Uh, can we come in?” we asked.

“Okay,” Chris Jericho told us. “But don’t tell anyone I let you back here.”

We entered into what appeared to be a kitchen, and Jericho went about his business. We got about five feet in the door when “Prime Time” Brian Lee came walking into the kitchen and was none too pleased to see us.

“What are you doing here, brother?” he asked us. “Do I come walking into your house, brother? Would you like that?”

Admittedly, that would be quite disturbing. “Prime Time” Brian Lee is a very large man.

“Who let you in here, brother?” Lee demanded to know. My buddy, terrified, immediately sold out Chris Jericho, who was standing across the room fiddling with his bag. Lee looked at Jericho for confirmation. Jericho shrugged, as if to say, “I’ve never seen these guys before in my life.” Which was basically true.

Lee picked up my buddy by the collar of his leather jacket and helpfully opened the door with his face, tossing him outside. We left voluntarily.

It was a fine night, as evidenced by how well remember it despite how many drugs we were on at the time, and how many we’re on right now for that matter.

So what do you think? Is it time for Chris Jericho to save WWE from itself… again? And/or have you got a cool wrestling story to tell? Let us know in the comments. We’re bored.

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