Fan-Mod Brings Super Mario Odyssey’s Hat Trick To Super Mario 64

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One of the many strange changes coming with Super Mario Odyssey is the ability to use Mario’s hat to possess all sorts of objects – animate and inanimate alike. So with all the hat possessions memes going around, one dedicated fan and YouTuber named Kaze Emanuar  put together a mod for Super Mario 64 so you can start practicing all your hat shenanigans before Super Mario Odyssey launches on October 27th.

The decades old platformer is still a fan favorite, especially with it being Mario’s first 3D appearance. So it is a great platform for fan mods. And Kaze Emanuar’s mod allows players to use Mario’s hat to control enemies similar to how it’s used in Super Mario Odyssey. It just doesn’t have the same bug-eyed death stare as in Odyssey. Which actually makes the mod look like a saner version of that hat posession trick. If you don’t believe me, you can check out the mod in action below.

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