Sony Removes Self-Leaked Footage Of 'Days Gone' Release Date

Sony Removes Self-Leaked Footage Of ‘Days Gone’ Release Date

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This lovely little image of the game Days Gone has been making its way around the web the past day or so, and since it officially came from Sony to begin with, there’s no harm in showing it off at this point.

What you’re looking at below is a screenshot first revealed by Gear Nuke showing a compilation video called “The Hottest Trailers of E3” on YouTube. This was a video posted by Sony itself to show off all best bits from the company’s presentation. While the game’s presentation didn’t come with a release date, you can see the original compilation video shows off a date of December 29th, 2017:

The video has since been taken down and replaced, with all footage of Days Gone removed as a quick edit job. Clearly we’re dealing with one of two scenarios: Either the company put the wrong date on the game and had no way to correct it in time so they scrapped all of it for safety, or that is the official release date and Sony didn’t want that out in the public just yet. Theoretically, if they’re aiming for post-Christmas shoppers, a reveal date would probably come around PAX West. We’ll just have to wait and see what their next move is after this leak.

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