Scott Snyder Confirms End Of All-Star Batman With #14, Teases “Big Initiative” From DC That’s A Bit More “Adult”

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Last month, Scott Snyder announced big changes for All-Star Batman, as reported by Bleeding Cool. In an interview with Newsarama at the time, Snyder said:

So, yeah… after this arc with All-Star Batman, when I get to the story with Sean – which is the one I’ve been kind of waiting to do for three years or more – that to me very well might be the last Batman story that I do proper Batman for a while. It’s sort of a capstone to a lot of things I’ve been thinking about with him over the years.

It’s almost like a Mad Max Batman story in the future. It’s really nuts, but it connects the continuity.

But in an interview today with CBR, Snyder revealed that All-Star Batman will end with issue #14, and shared some details on future plans:

That’s right. It’s hard because it’s not actually the end for me in a lot of ways. Essentially, I have started working on the arc with Sean [Murphy] already, and DC has been really excited about some new formats that they’re creating. Part of it is tied a lot of exciting editorial changes that they announced about a month ago. They’re creating bold, new initiatives – new lanes to drive in creatively – for creators to tell the kinds of stories like I was telling in All Star. They are artist-centric and a little bit left of center in ways that put the artist first, with a new artist format and with a new level of sophistication in terms of allowing for content that’s a bit more, how do I say this without spoiling stuff — adult, I guess.

But Snyder’s Batman tales will continue, just in a new format:

DC approached me and said, how would you like to take some of the stuff that you are working on with Sean and do it a new, prestige format? Instead of doing it monthly, why not do it in this format that would allow for it to be a bigger stage, both for Sean artistically, and to package the story in a new way and then allow every subsequent story that I was going to do with Paul Pope, with Afua [Richardson], with Lee Bermejo, be done in this format that really foregrounds the art – different paper size, different cut, the whole thing? In that way, it seemed obvious and a perfect solution instead of having them work month-to-month on a normal-sized, conventional comic, we could be some of the first people to try driving in this new lane for DC. I’m really, really thrilled about it.

As to what DC has planned, Snyder refused to elaborate:

I can’t say too much about it, like what the name of it is, or what the exact definition of it is. But it’s a real thing that happening really soon that I think will excite a lot people.

Though he did take to Twitter to clarify a bit:

So that’s it for now. CBR also had the EXCLUSIVE(!!!) reveal of the cover for All-Star Batman #14, the finale, by Rafael Albuquerque:

Nice cake slicer, Batman! But we think we might know someone with something to say about that:

That’s not a knife. This is a knife.

All-Star Batman #14 hits stores in September.

Backup story art by SEBASTIAN FIUMARA
“The First Ally” finale! In the final issue of Scott Snyder’s high-octane run on ALL STAR BATMAN, he and superstar artist Rafael Albuquerque put Batman to the ultimate test! Faced with either losing his future as Batman or the person he loves most, the Dark Knight must decide which ultimate price he is willing to pay.
On sale SEPTEMBER 13 • 40 pg, FC, $4.99 US • RATED T • FINAL ISSUE

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