‘The Guild 3’ Debuts At E3, 11 Years After Last Sequel

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It has been 11 years since The Guild 2 was released on PC. Since then, Nordic Games took over the property and announced The Guild 3 back in 2014. This year at E3, THQ Nordic dropped in and presented the sequel, but not quite yet complete.

credit//THQ Nordic

The demo we got to check out was a complete mockup of the town and what you’ll be doing in this version. You start off as a peasant living outside the castle walls, sometime around 1400 in Norther Europe. As you build your status and gain experience, you can raise yourself into being a proper townsfolk resident with responsibilities and stature, eventually making it all the way to being nobility.

But while The Guild 3 has some outlined goals, the adventure doesn’t just stop with you. As longa s you continue to create a bloodline, your ancestors will inherit your status and property, but with a new set of skills that may take them in a very different direction than the one you led. You could have been a pickpocketer who became a local tyrant, but then have a daughter who is far more educated and will take the family name on a more enlightened role.

credit//THQ Nordic
credit//THQ Nordic

The Guild 3 didn’t have a playable demo at E3, but the game is set to come out soon. I’d love a chance to try it out since the previous game has some good ideas with weird execution that made it a so-so title. It’ll be interesting to see what a new pair of eyes did with the IP.

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