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THQ Nordic Acquires Studios Behind “Little Nightmares”

In THQ Nordic’s ever-constant quest to acquire as many studios as possible, they have nabbed Tarsier Studios, the makers of Little Nightmares. Technically it was Embracer Group, the parent company of THQ Nordic and Koch Media, who bought them for roughly $9.4m. But it’s pretty much a given that THQ will end up being in […]

THQ Nordic Releases A Playable Prototype Of "Gothic Remake"

THQ Nordic Releases A Playable Prototype Of “Gothic Remake”

This week, THQ Nordic announced they have released a playable prototype of Gothic Remake, which you can download and try right now. The game appears to be like many remake titles coming out these days, where it’s the original with a graphical and audio overhaul, but most of the gameplay remains the same. The company […]

“Darksiders: Genesis” Shows Off Strife In Latest Trailer

THQ Nordic released a brand new trailer for Darksiders: Genesis this morning, showing off one of the game’s characters in Strife. This is one of the two main characters you get to play as in the game, the other being War, as you make your way through the depths of hell. The co-op fighter will […]

"Rebel Cops" Receieves

“Rebel Cops” Is Getting A Number Of New Modes & Features

THQ Nordic announced this week that they would be adding a bunch of new content into Rebel Cops, including a new survival mode. Based in the same universe as This Is The Police, the game is a turn-based tactics stealth title you control a squad of ex-cops trying to take down their town’s new criminal […]

"Darksiders Genesis" Is Coming to PC and Stadia This December

“Darksiders Genesis” Is Coming to PC and Stadia This December

The latest entry in the Darksiders series, Darksiders Genesis, is headed to PC and Stadia earlier than the console versions. If you’re planning on playing on either PC or Stadia, you can jump into the game as of December 5. Meanwhile, the console release is still scheduled for February 14. This isometric take on the […]

THQ Nordic Announces A New Expansion In Japan

This morning, THQ Nordic announced they have officially expanded into Japan with their new location called THQ Nordic Japan KK. The new office has officially been incorporated and will take over the tasks and responsibilities for the region. That includes distribution, PR, and marketing of THQ Nordic’s and HandyGames’ slate of games. This will be […]

THQ Nordic Releases A Brand New Trailer For “Wreckfest”

THQ Nordic is celebrating the release of Wreckfest on console by releasing a brand new launch trailer for you to enjoy. The PC version of the game has been out for over a year and has done pretty well for itself. Now PS4 and Xbox One players can have a chance as crash derby shenanigans […]

“Destroy All Humans!” Remake Coming to Consoles in 2020, Will Also Run on Google’s Stadia

“Destroy All Humans!” Remake Will Be Coming In 2020

Remember Destroy All Humans!? It was a fun Playstation 2 and Xbox game where you played a mean little alien who comes to Earth to, well, DESTROY ALL HUMANS! It takes inspiration from 1950s alien invasion and flying saucer movies and pulp science fiction. Who didn’t want to play an alien who came to harvest […]

"Desperados 3" Unveils A New Character With Isabelle Moreau

“Desperados 3” Unveils A New Character With Isabelle Moreau

THQ Noric has revealed the latest character coming to their upcoming release of Desperados 3 as we’re introduced to Isabelle Moreau. In a game filled with gunslingers, thieves, assassins, trappers and bounty hunters, who couldn’t use someone who is also into voodoo? Check out her brief bio and the trailer below as we wait for […]

THQ Reveals The "Destroy All Humans!" Special Editions

THQ Reveals The “Destroy All Humans!” Special Editions

THQ Nordic has revealed both of the Destroy All Humans! special editions coming with the Crypto-137 Edition and the DNA Collector’s Edition. Each one comes with its own set of awesome items, depending on the kind of fan you are. We especially dig the alien backpack from the Crypto-137 Edition. You can check out the […]

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THQ Nordic Announces Their Gamescom 2019 Lineup

THQ Nordic took the time this week to announce everything the company will be bringing to show off at Gamescom 2019 in Germany. The company has been relatively quiet about what’s going on since E3, which was kind of expected. And as you can see below and from the trailer they released, they’ll basically be […]

THQ Reveals A "Destroy All Humans" Remake Before E3

THQ Reveals A “Destroy All Humans” Remake Before E3

The last game THQ Nordic decided to reveal before E3 2019 this year is a remake of Destroy All Humans being developed by Black Forest Games. The company released all new images, a trailer, a quick description, and a brand new website for the game this afternoon, showing a remastered version of the original just […]

THQ Nordic and Airship Syndicate Announce "Darksiders Genesis"

THQ Nordic and Airship Syndicate Announce “Darksiders Genesis”

THQ Nordic decided to reveal another game before heading to E3 next week, along with Airship Syndicate they announced Darksiders Genesis. Shockingly, we already know the game will be released on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Google Stadia later this year. Beyond that, we have a description and a quote from the announcement earlier […]

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THQ Nordic Says They’ll Reveal Three New Games During E3

THQ Nordic revealed today that when they make their way to E3 2019 this year, they’ll be revealing a new game each day of the convention. The company kept the announcement short and sweet without saying much else beyond what days and times they would be doing the reveals, which we have here. Game 1: June […]

THQ Nordic Releases a New Trailer For Battle Worlds: Kronos

THQ Nordic Releases a New Trailer For Battle Worlds: Kronos

THQ Nordic just popped a new trailer online today for their Nintendo Switch version of the sci-fi turn-based strategy game Battle Worlds: Kronos. The game has already been out for six years on PC, but now Switch owners will get a taste of the full game with all the additions and DLC thrown into the […]

SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest Announces Release Date and New Faction

SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest Announces Release Date and New Faction

THQ Nordic has announced the release date for SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest alongside details of the DLC’s new faction, the Dark Elves. Soul Harvest will go live on May 28th, 2019 for PC. The description of the Dark Elves reads: They are different. They are a swarm. They serve something greater than you could ever imagine. The […]

Darksiders Warmastered is Out on Nintendo Switch Now

Darksiders Warmastered is Out on Nintendo Switch Now

War and Ruin are walking among us again as the Apocalypse restarts with Darksiders Warmastered Edition is out now on the Nintendo Switch. The Switch is the final platform to receive the Warmastered Edition as it is already out on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. To celebrate the news, THQ Nordic has released a new trailer […]

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THQ Nordic Announces PAX East 2019 Lineup At last Minute

THQ Nordic remained silent about what they were doing for PAX East this entire time, but yesterday they finally revealed what they’d bring to the convention. Surprisingly, there will only be four games at their booth as the company will bring Fade to Silence, Monster Jame Steel Titans, Aquanox Deep Descent, and Biomutant. You can […]

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THQ Nordic CEO Apologizes For AMA on 8Chan One Week Later

About a week ago, THQ Nordic decided to hold an AMA event, which wouldn’t have been a big deal for many, except it was held on 8chan. If you think 4chan is a cesspool, 8chan makes it look like a Golden Girls appreciation thread by comparison, as the site has been prone to some of […]