‘AquaNox Deep Descent’ Gets New Life From THQ Nordic At E3

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AquaNox was a cool IP over 20 years that received some great praise for the innovative story and tactics used to convey it in an underwater environment. Sadly, when the game’s creator passed away, many of the games that followed weren’t exactly up to snuff and the series quietly went away around 2006. Thankfully, THQ Nordic was able to get their hands on the series and decided to do it some justice.

credit//THQ Nordic
credit//THQ Nordic

Acting as a prequel to the original set of games as to not ruin the story that never got finished, AquaNox: Deep Descent addresses how we first ended up underwater, how the factions formed and how one person could be the savior we all need to help repair the damage as a mysterious force slowly starts to eat up the unnatural items below,

credit//THQ Nordic

We weren’t able to play the game but were given more of an overview and a demo by THQ, which looked pretty impressive and visually appears like a respective throwback to the originals while still holding the graphics of today. The game will feature a few different modes, including a hardcore mode that will force players to focus on a few things that are handled automatically by the game: energy and oxygen!

credit//THQ Nordic

AquaNox Deep Descent should be due out later this year from THQ Nordic.

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