Horror Game “Get Even” Delayed After Manchester Terror Attack


In the aftermath of the recent terror attack in Manchester, UK, Bandai Namco has decided to delay the release of their upcoming horror title Get Even until June 23rd. The game was developed by Polish dev studio The Farm 51 and was originally slated for release on May 26th. The publisher made the announcement via Twitter earlier this week:

Given that Get Even is a fusion of horror, shooter, and adventure games, its May 26th release might have stricken the wrong chord after the attack on Monday night. The game’s announcement trailer featured scenes of a kidnapping, which is also a large part of the game, given Get Even’s reality-bending tendencies.

As I wrote about the game earlier this year:

“The game borrows heavily from other first person games, but especially from horror franchises like Silent Hill. You can play either as a single player working with an AI team, or in multiplayer with friends, and you’ll playing a mercenary named Cole Black who is trying to save a hostage hooked up to a bomb. Of course that hostage is a girl. Now, the reality-bending piece comes in when you realize that Cole is experiencing things through an advanced VR helmet. So now he has to figure out what is real and what isn’t.”

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