Eric Bischoff Praises Jinder Mahal, Says “Social Justice Warrior Stuff” Is “Not Applicable” To Pro Wrestling


Former WCW honcho and guy who successfully ran two wrestling promotions into the ground Eric Bischoff took to his podcast this week to share his thoughts on WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. Bischoff thinks that Mahal as WWE champ is great, saying, according to a transcription from Wrestlezone.

Bischoff said of the decision to have Mahal beat Randy Orton:

“Loved it. I loved it. Great move. I didn’t know he was actually going to get the title. As far as getting him featured and giving him a spotlight it makes all the sense in the world to me for all the right reasons. Business wise, strategically and also as a character. As a new character and as something that is fresh. He’s not the same kind of recycled cookie coming out of the cookie press with a little different flavor. I think this is really unique and that’s what WWE needs right now.”

However, Bischoff also had some comments for those who criticize WWE’s exploitation of its audience’s admittedly easily exploited xenophobia to get Mahal over as a heel using an evil foreigner gimmick, which Bischoff classified as “social justice warrior stuff.”

“He should be a bad guy because right now he’s the hottest thing in the hottest company on the face of the Earth. I absolutely fricking guarantee you there is no one in India going, ‘Oh! WWE is coming to India and Jinder Mahal is the champion and I’m not going to go see them because he’s a bad guy!’ [Laughs] No. No. Stop, leave your social justice warrior stuff at home when you come into pro wrestling. It’s not applicable.”

You can listen to Bischoff’s podcast here.

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