The New Anti-Cheat System In Pokemon Go Has Made Rare Pokemon Impossible To Find

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It shouldn’t surprise you that Pokemon Go has hackers. Pretty much every game has them. And whether they’re using bots or glitch exploits to gain an advantage, it makes perfect sense for a developer to crack down on cheating. Niantic Labs put in a new server-side security measure over the weekend which means that previously flagged accounts can no longer see rare Pokemon. So anyone caught using bots or third-party trackers to catch rare Pokemon will be unable to find them.

It’s actually the perfect solution.

An image shared on the Pokemon Go Dev Discord server shows two screenshots of the game at the same time and location from two different accounts, one was a normal player account, and the other was a flagged account. The normal account can see a Geodude, Kabuto, and Venonat nearby, while the flagged account can only see the Geodude. Because Geodudes are pretty damn common in Pokemon Go.

Despite the ingenious solution, Pokemon Go Hub reports that the measure is easily bypassed by simply making a new account. It’s unfortunate, but that is the kind of thing that makes it hard for devs to crack down on cheating entirely. The only solution would be to chain an account to a device- meaning that you’d be unable to have multiple accounts on the same phone or tablet. But that kind of thing tends to be rather overzealous, especially when you have a game like Pokemon Go which is played by a decent number of kids. How many 9 year olds do you know with their own smartphone?

Still, we can’t help but be in slight aw at Niantic’s attempt to prevent cheaters from catching rare pokemon, because no one wants a cheater to be the very best.

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