So, Magneto Is Not Hydra. He Is, However, Stalin. (Captain America And Secret Warriors Spoilers)

So, Magneto Is Not Hydra. He Is, However, Stalin. (Captain America And Secret Warriors Spoilers)

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When the Hydra Villain variant covers by Dan Mora were released by Marvel, each showing one of the Hydra-ised villains of Secret Empire, Magneto was one of them. There was foul called by much of the internet over what appeared to be portraying a Jewish survivor of the Auschwitz camps as a Nazi. Despite repeated attempts by Marvel to underline the story that Hydra weren’t actually Nazis, honestly, merely a Nazi analogue who fought alongside the Nazis in World War II, because that was much better.

While the other side ignored the fact that Magneto had been consistently portrayed as a hypocritical genocidal fascist who gassed humans in camps, that he was meant to be an example of the kind of body that commits atrocities because they have had atrocities committed upon them, as commentary over the relationship between Israel and Palestine and that this Hydra Captain America was killing the Red Skull.

Well, today it is official. Magneto is not a member of Hydra. I’m not sure how much better the internet will take things though.

Because, in an interview with the journalist from Civil War: Frontline, now retconned into having asked Captain America if he knew what Twitter was rather than Myspace, we discover that the mutant states previously mentioned in the Secret Empire series are at war with Hydra. Officially.


But then we see the actual deal between Captain Ameria and Magneto.


This feels similar to the deal that Hitler came to with Stalin, at the outbreak of World War II, officially a non-aggression pact of 1939 between two violently opposed ideologies that, instead allowed each other to carve up much of Europe. It didn’t last long.


But the language used may also apply to the Israel/Palestine situation where Israel does not officially recognise Palestine, and while Palestine recognises Israel’s existence, it does not recognise its right to exist.

Though, with the Secret Warriors in their own comic, today, heading to New Tian to meet the X-Men, if the state really didn’t recognise New Tian, would they really put up this sign, sarcasm or not?


If they did act publicly as if they believed New Tian was part of the United States?

As for Twitter, well, despite Captain America being the absolute bad guy, more so in this issue than in the recent issue of Secret Empire where he expresses doubts and tried to take a more lenient role, the final words here do seem to be baiting of on-line critics of the series.


Ooh, Nick Spencer, you’ve done it now…

Both Captain America and Secret Warriors are very much part of the Secret Empire story, Captain Marvel seems to just reiterate what happened in Secret Empire #0. You could miss it entirely, but then you’d lose scenes like this…


Well, at least Puck didn’t misgender the alien.

Captain America #17 by Nick Spencer, Andres Guinaloo, Ramon Bachs and Rachelle Rosenberg, Secret Warriors #2 by Matthew Rosenberg, Javier Garron and Israel Silva and Captain Marvel #5 by Margaret Stohl, Michelle Bandini, Michael Garland and Erick Arciniega are published today.


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