Comic Store In Your Future: Countdown To Doomsday

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DC Comics recently announced a new upcoming limited series coming in November, Doomsday Clock. I am totally surprised. I figured a massive companywide crossover was coming. A limited series focusing on Superman vs the Watchmen’s Dr Manhattan. By the creative team of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. Sounds like a sure-fire sales winner to me. The only downside is thatI have to wait till November to sell this?

What other possible match-ups would I, as a fan boy and retailer like to see? Comedian vs Batman. By a popular writer and popular artist such as Gary Frank. Yes, I am a Gary Frank fan. Batman vs Night Owl. Batman vs Rorschach. Batman vs any of the Watchmen by a strong creative team.

The Watchmen vs their Charlton characters counter parts could be very cool to see. Why is that some of you ask? Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, the creative team behind the popular Watchmen limited series did not create the Watchmen out of thin air. Originally the idea by Alan was to use the MLJ line of characters and that changed to using the Charlton characters that DC had bought for his story but DC said no. So the Watchmen were born.

Question vs Rorshach. Sounds great. I would like to see the Denny O’Neil version of the Question personally. With all the rewriting of the timeline why not?

Captain Atom vs Dr Manhattan. It would be a heck of a storyline if done well.

Blue Beetle vs Nite Owl. Ted Kord is back so it could work.

Peacemaker vs Comedian. Two crazy people battling it out.

Nightshade vs Silk Specter. What version would Nightside be?

Peter Cannon, alias Thunderbolt vs Ozymandias.

Wow, I am actually excited for team ups and heroes fighting heroes again due to these team ups and fights having never been done before.

For those that say but this tarnishes the original Watchmen limited series. I say if done well or even if they are not done well, the original Watchmen limited series will still stand. Did the Dark Knight Strikes Again sequel make the Dark Knight Returns less of a classic? Did Before Watchmen change the waythe original Watchmen worked? Was there any change when the Star Wars prequels came out to the classic Star Wars films? Other than the added material after the prequels to the originals of course. The original material was still the same original material. The original works should still stand on their own. Hopefully new Watchmen material will lead to well-liked storylines and new fans of the Watchmen.

If DC puts low-level quality on future Watchmen storylines then they will go into limbo sadly. Right now I do not see how the creative team of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank on Doomsday Clock could go wrong. Looking forward to it.

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