Fanboy Rampage: Randy Orton Sorry, Not Sorry, About Twitter Feud With Indy Wrestlers, Bubba Ray Dudley


WWE superstar Randy Orton has a match with Jinder Mahal to worry about next week at WWE Backlash, but the WWE Champion can't seem to keep his mind focused on his opponent. Orton found himself in Twitter trouble over the weekend when he responded to a takedown of the indy wrestling style posted by Ohio Valley Wrestling trainer and wily veteran Rip Rogers. Rogers had tweeted:

Prompting diving indy wrestler Will Ospreay to respond:

And resulting in a civil discussion between the two:

Though Rogers continued on his timeline:

Orton joined in the fun…

And seeing former co-worker Bubba Ray Dudley post a photo of himself diving…

Orton jumped in for the RKO outta nowhere:


Dudley was quick to respond:

…which is true. Orton replied:

But Dudley shook it off:

Eventually, Orton, who may have worked himself into a shoot by this point, brother, issued an apology:

Which was accepted by The Young Bucks:

Meanwhile, Will Ospreay showed that he really does understand the wrestling business more than anyone else involved in the conversation:

It seems Ospreay was making so much money off this angle, he could afford to give a friend a freebie:

And after no-selling Orton's faux apology…

Ospreay revealed that his drawing power had only increased… at least where it matters:

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