Josh Brolin Is Getting PUMPED For Cable Role In Deadpool 2

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In June of 2018, Josh Brolin will make his debut as Cable in Fox’s X-Men cinematic universe when Deadpool 2 hits theaters. Not one to shrug off hitting the Liefeld lottery, Brolin knows that if you’re gonna portray a Rob Liefeld character on screen, you’d better damn well look like a Rob Liefeld character. With that in mind, Brolin has been hitting the gym to pump up those guns so that he can carry Cable’s trademark massive… uh… guns. Brolin took to Instagram for an update:

Looking good, but not quite there yet. Another year or so of that though and things should be shaping up nicely.

Art by Sir Robert Liefeld
Art by Sir Robert Liefeld

Deadpool 2 stars Ryan Reynolds and is directed by David Leitch.

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