Wonder Woman Box Office Projections Grow By $35 Million, Or What A Difference A Little Advertising Makes

Wonder Woman Box Office Projections Grow By $35 Million, Or What A Difference A Little Advertising Makes

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When we last checked in on the projected box office performance of Wonder Woman, the movie was expected to make about $80 million on its opening weekend. The figure was either good or bad, depending on your perspective. If you were a fan of Wonder Woman, or of the DC Cinematic Universe, it was an impressive number for the first outing of Wonder Woman on a lower budget than Man of Steel or Batman v. Superman. If you were not a fan, then the number was lower than those two films made, and therefore pretty much the end of the world.

Those conflicting perspectives are unlikely to change any time soon, but what has changed is Wonder Woman’s projected opening weekend box office take. According to sandwich-themed Hollywood gossip site The Wrap, Wonder Woman is now tracking at $105 million to $115 million for its opening weekend, a full $35 million to $45 million higher than previously. What changed in that time?

Could Warner Bros finally doing some advertising for the movie have had something to do with it?

And now, the film could do as well or better than Man of Steel, which brought in $116 million on its opening weekend, and also better than all but six Marvel Studios films, including Iron Man, the first two Captain Americas, and Guardians of the Galaxy, all of which earned less than $100 million on their opening weekends.

Wonder Woman will lasso moviegoers into theaters on June 5.

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