R-R-R-Rumor-Breaker: James McAvoy Reportedly Won’t Be In New Mutants, And Neither Will Nat Wolff

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Following up on news this afternoon confirming the long-rumored casting of Maisie Williams and Anya Taylor-Joy as Wolfsbane and Magik in Josh Boone’s New Mutants, THR reporter Borys Kit took to Twitter to dispel another longstanding rumor:

And another one as well:

That means we’ll need to wait to see who will play Cannonball, Danielle Moonstar, Sunspot, and Warlock. And also, if James McAvoy won’t be in New Mutants as Professor X, what does that mean for the story? No Professor X? A different Professor X?

Or maybe now that the rumor has been dispelled, Josh Boone will decide it would actually be a good idea and they’ll both end up in the movie after all. It’s hard to tell, folks. We’re out of rumor territory here and into anti-rumor rumor territory.

We’ll find out before the movie hits theaters in April 2018.

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