Nerd Food: Spider-Man Ice Pops Are A Great Way To Cool Off This Summer


Well, if you live in another part of the world that’s currently experiencing actual springtime weather (and not this 53-degree mess we have in Maryland), you’ll likely be facing some warm days ahead. Spring and summer (and even fall, I guess) are typically hot, but thankfully everyone’s favorite web-slinger has endorsed this Fla-Vor-Ice Ice Pops for the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming!

You can find them for a grand total of $3 at most grocery stores, either frozen or not. In my grocery store they were near-frozen on a fancy display with Star Wars and Frozen┬áIce Pops, and I’m not ashamed to say it was quite the battle between the three.


Obviously Spider-Man won this round.

You get three flavors: Wall Crawling Punch, Crime Fighting Punch, and Web-Shooting Berry. There’s four different designs on the pouches, which is admittedly cool. I like that the flavors also match his costume. I opted for the Wall Crawling Punch, and it tasted like, well, punch. That being said, I’m still unable to climb any walls. I just want some super powers, darnit.

The pops are on the sugary side, so if you don’t have an insane sweet tooth, you should stay away. Otherwise, these are great for the summer!


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