PS4 Owners Love Persona 5 Enough That It Was The PSN Top Download For April

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The Persona series have never been what you’d call mainstream favorites. In fact, Atlus’s series of high school action rpgs are often considered cult hits, if anything. But Persona 5 seems to have found its market. By which I mean, literally everyone. And I get it, I really do. I’ve been playing the game when I can since release, and while I’m not super far into the game (I don’t have what you’d call a lot of free time), Persona 5 is the kind of game that sucks you in. Our own Gavin Sheehan  gave the game a 9/10 saying “Persona 5 isdefinitely worth playing, even if this genre isn’t your thing.”

And given that the game has topped the PSN’s charts for top downloaded game in April, well, it’s clear that enough of us agree. It may have taken a while to get here, but Persona 5 came in and stole our hearts. Which is pretty fitting.

Those streaming restrictions don’t seem to have stopped sales, even as they frustrate the hell out of streamers. And they may have helped drive sales – after all, no one likes knowing only half the story.

Basically, this one is a win for Atlus across the board.

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