Capitalizing On Wonder Woman Film Release, Steve Trevor Gets A One-Shot In June

Capitalizing On Wonder Woman Film Release, Steve Trevor Gets A One-Shot In June

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After Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 3, comic book stores are likely to be overrun by people looking to continue the story by snapping up anything Wonder Woman they can get their hands on. DC learned their lesson with that whole not having a Supergirl comic in stores when the TV show debuted, and they’re not going to be caught with their pants down again (after all, HR is paying attention now).

That’s why DC is giving the people what they want: a Steve Trevor comic!

Wait, what?

This June, fans can experience the world of Wonder Woman on more than just Hollywood’s silver screen as DC announces a special one-shot story WONDER WOMAN: STEVE TREVOR #1. This tale from writer Tim Seeley (NIGHTWING, GRAYSON) and artist Christian Duce (DETECTIVE COMICS, BATMAN & ROBIN ETERNAL) introduces a new adventure for the first man who stepped into Wonder Woman’s world in Themyscira.

What’s that? Who’s there?!

“Steve and Diana’s longtime friendship, despite their coming from separate worlds, is inspiring. But in this story, we’ll get a chance to see Steve come face to face with a villain from Wonder Woman’s past, who he’ll have to overcome without her help, ” says Seeley. “I’m excited to dive back into the life of Steve Trevor, and give him a new and crazy adventure of his own.”

Oh, it’s a DC press release. Carry on then, DC press release.

They have been friends and lovers, but more importantly they have been there for each other over the decades. From Steve’s first moments on Paradise Island to the day that Diana left her home to join Man’s World, they have worked together and fought to protect humanity. But now, Steve Trevor will be forced to face an ancient foe, and he’ll have to do it alone. Where is Wonder Woman? And what will become of Steve Trevor? Find out in this thrilling, action-packed story.

WONDER WOMAN: STEVE TREVOR #1 is on sale June 7.

Well, sure, okay. Steve Trevor can sustain his own comic for one issue, we suppose. Thanks, DC press release!

You’re welcome, Jude.


Damn, we really gotta lay off the cough medicine.

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