DC Comics Reclaim “Justice League Detroit” For A JLA Omnibus Next Year


“Justice League Detroit” was the mocking name given to a certain era of the Justice League Of America when it was filled with what were regarded as “second stringers”. Trying to “teen up” the comic in the mid-eighties Gerry Conway and Chuck Patton saw Aquaman dissolve the League and rewrite its charter to allow only heroes who will devote themselves full-time.

But with the DC CW-verse of superhero TV shows seemingly reforming the team, with membersGypsy, Vibe, Vixen, Steel and Martian Manhunter seen across the shows, there is more interest in that era.

And DC are reclaiming the phrase, naming their Omnibus collection of the series Justice League: The Detroit Era Omnibus. 800 pages, out on 16th January 2018.

Who’d have thought?

9781401273866_73017But also coming down the pipe, and probably more to my liking is the Justice League International Omnibus by Keith Giffen, JM Dematteis, Kevin Maguire and many more. This was the first ongoing DC superhero comic book that I liked and introduced me to many a classic and new character. And is probably the reason I read DC superhero comic to this day.

Justice League International Omnibus Vol. 1 is $99.99 and out on 3rd October…

Batman leads a team of unlikely heroes in these satirical 1980s adventures co-starring Black Canary, Green Lantern Guy Gardner, Martian Manhunter, Mister Miracle and more. Can an unlikely new Justice League lineup work as a unit to stop terrorists at the U.N., the Royal Flush Gang, and other threats—or will they succumb to squabbling and bad jokes?
Pairing humor with hard-hitting action and heartfelt emotion, Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis, along with frequent illustrator Kevin Maguire, created one of the greatest iterations of the Justice League ever!

This oversize omnibus graphic novel series collects their run in its entirety for the first time ever, beginning with JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL OMNIBUS VOL. 1! Collects JUSTICE LEAGUE #1-6, JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL #7-25, JUSTICE LEAGUE AMERICA #26-30, JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL ANNUAL #1-3 and JUSTICE LEAGUE EUROPE #1-6.


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