SPOILERS! The Big Reveal On How Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man Ties In With Secret Empire

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This is so much of a spoiler that it is not being published on the front page of Bleeding Cool. It is not being tweeted out or posted to Facebook. In fact, the only possible way you could have found it is by searching for it – or from a link by someone who searched for it.


Because, yes, this one of the big spoilers for this week’s Amazing Spider-Man #25, leaked on-line and discovered by Bleeding Cool snoopers…



….that reveals how The Amazing Spider-Man is going to be tying into the Secret Empire event series, that sees the USA taken over by a Captain America-led Hydra that has deposed the Red Skull, a very modern day fascism. With Amazing Spider-Man #29: Secret Empire in July.


By making Doctor Octopus rebrand himself as The Superior Octopus, in the way that he was once the Superior Spider-Man. And become a serious figurehead for Hydra…


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