DC Comics Planning Digital Subscription With Amazon Prime - And Everything Changes

DC Comics Planning Digital Subscription With Amazon Prime – And Everything Changes

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Bleeding Cool get the word from sources who have recently participated in a very extensive on-line survey that indicates DC Comics is testing the waters on a digital comics subscription service. ComiXology and Marvel already have their own services, limited regarding the comics they offer. It appears that, as ever, DC Comics is finally catching up. But they have a new twist.

One survey completer tells Bleeding Cool “Since I’m in the US, all questions, pricing, etc. were based on setups here in the US, in terms of media providers, etc. so I don’t know what the service would look like globally, though they indicated a partnership with Amazon Prime, offering a discount if one upgraded an existing Prime account with their service.”

The questions indicated that DC is testing the waters on features to include, price points, levels of exclusivity with other platforms, etc. Features noted were existing DC-based TV shows and movies, original short-form and long-form content and digital comic access, discounts on merchandise, subscription-box service discounts, and behind-the-scenes content.

One source recalled “a question which asked what I would consider a “small” number of issues and an “extensive” number of issues to include in such a database.”

Price points mentioned in the survey ranged from $5.99 to $12.99 a month.

Have you participated in such a survey? What questions were you asked and how did you respond? Do let us know.

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