The Walking Dead’s New Zombie Survival Tip – Get A House By The Sea (SPOILERS)

Yesterday’s Walking Dead #165 by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard, published by Image Comics, was full of surprises, action, and the thrill of survival – or not. Proper spoilers at the link…

But it added a new twist to the survival methods against zombies – especially a horde of zombies – who are attracted by noise. The answer is, live by the coast. Where they end up doing this.


Looks like seaside residences values may rise after the zombie apocalypse. Although you may have to hold your nose…


Who needs to build a wall, a fence, live inside a prison, underground or live atop a mountain range surveying the land below when a nice bungalow with sea views of all the zombies plummeting to their death will do instead?

Until you get one of those days when the sea is perfectly calm of course.


Back to the hills!

The Walking Dead #165 is published this week from Image Comics.

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