Racers Start Your Engines! Full Throttle Pinball

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Full Throttle Flyer Front

Full Throttle is one of the most impressive and ahead of its time machines I’ve ever seen. Released in 2015 from Heighway Pinball, which is a relatively new company in the world of pinball. The game follows the player as you start off as a rookie racer to world champion, all while trying to defeat your nemesis Francisco Valentino. The machine features a full color LCD screen that shows your scores and other animations, and there’s even a mini-screen on the play field so you don’t have to constantly look up. The machine is even Wi-Fi capable. I could go into the play field and the features (there are ramps! There’s a Valentino figure that spins!) but honestly I’m impressed by the whole thing. The game is fairly difficult to play, but that’s not a bad thing.

Full Throttle Flyer playfield


The only real downside I’ve experienced is the back LCD and play field screen (below) not connecting. In some cases I’ve gotten an error screen, reminiscent of the blue screen of death from Windows. Otherwise this is a hell of a machine, and I can’t wait to play their Aliens machine once I start seeing them.

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