The Switch Will Have Some Titles That Are Not TV Friendly

The Switch Will Have Some Titles That Are Not TV Friendly

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A small piece of business we thought might come up, but not this soon. Apparently, not every game for the Nintendo Switch is going to be compatible with your television or monitor. The news came this past week when developer Rayark announced plans for one of their mobile games, Voez, to make it’s way to the console. It’s a quaint little rhythm game with an anime design that looks almost tailor-made for the system after having success with iOS and Android devices, here’s the launch trailer.

The game will launch in Japan first before coming everywhere else down the road. But you may be wondering how a screen-touch game will work on a TV. Well, it doesn’t According to a translated piece of questioning on NeoGAF, the game is designed for the mobile side only. This is something a few of us kind of suspected might happen but didn’t really have any kind of confirmation until now. It’s cool to know that there are developers thinking of ways to utilize the touch screen end of the new console, which means some of those mobile games in development at Nintendo may come to the Switch as well. That even opens up the possibilities of other popular mobile games coming to the system (whether officially or by downloads/hacks). But like most news about the Switch, there’s bound to be some pissed off people who will be quick to cite that it can’t do everything.

In other Switch news, purchases will be tied to your account, we now know the file sizes for launch titles, and got an official unboxing video.

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