New “Foot Claw” Logan TV Spot Is Probably Different Than The Hundreds Of Other Logan TV Spots You’ve Seen So Far

Posted by February 26, 2017 Comment


As we enter the final stretch of promotion leading up to Logan’s release in theaters this week, we’ve seen hundreds of trailers, TV spots, and images from the film. So when a new TV spot for the movie began making the rounds in the entertainment news cycle today, claiming that it’s the first time we’ve seen X-23 unleash her foot-claws, our response had to be: “well, we’ll take your word for it.”

In truth, there isn’t enough time before Logan actually hits theaters on March 3 to go through all the past trailers and confirm this is new footage, so we’re just going to go with it, and dare you to prove us wrong. Check out the allegedly new TV spot below:

And here’s another, for good measure:

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