Liberatore Returns To Comics In Heavy Metal #285 With “Ai Shiteru”

Posted by February 23, 2017 Comment

ai_shiteru_liberatore_morvan-01Liberatore, the comic creator behind RanXerox has returned after a decade long absence from comics with a 7-page story titled, Ai Shiteru, premiering in Heavy Metal’s upcoming Love themed issue.


The story is set to later appear in Glenat’s French language collection of Liberatore’s short comics in July.

Ai Shiteru focuses on a somewhat dangerous man and his unhealthy obsession with a Japanese taxi dancer.


Liberatore, a personal favorite of Heavy Metal’s editor-in-chief, Grant Morrison, is excited to be returning to the magazine that first brought him recognition in America. “When I met met with him at his studio in Paris last December, he showed me the story while in progress and I knew it was a perfect time fit for the magazine”, said Heavy Metal co-CEO, Jeff Krelitz.


Heavy Metal Magazine introduced Liberatore to the English-speaking world in July 1983 with the creator’s ultra-violent character, RanXerox, so it is fitting they are the ones to celebrate his return.


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