AfterShock And Lion Forge Join Diamond’s Final Order Cut-Off Scheme

Posted by February 17, 2017 Comment

focThe Final Order Cut-Off programme was invented as part of a legal settlement between Marvel Comics and comic book retailers, over Marvel’s unwillingness to make comic books returnable if they were late or had significantly changed details about the solicited comic.

It enabled retailers to make changes to their order closer to publication date, increasing or decreasing, with any new information about the comic available to them, including when the comics would actually be published. It enabled them to make a better decision regarding the state of demand at the time.

What was initially seen as a sanction, was then seen as a sales opportunity by Marvel – and other publishers, who willingly signed up to the scheme. It was another window of sales opportunity for publishers, who endeavoured to persuade retailers to increase rather than decrease orders.

And now two more have joined the club, Lion Forge and AfterShock. And announced at ComicsPRO.

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