Wild Horses: Ford Mustang Pinball

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Cars and pinball are as American as Coca-Cola and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Sorry, I’m sleep deprived and can’t think of anything more American. In 2014 Stern released the Mustang pinball machine to celebrate 50 years of the Ford Mustang. I think they were hoping more Ford dealerships would buy machines to have in their showroom, but truth to be told I’ve only seen these in personal collections. The game is admittedly fun though. I like that is has a whirlpool at the end of one of the ramps which drops the ball near the flippers, as well as a spinning target. Plus the machines do have a Mustang toy model in each machine. The table and cab are beautifully designed. John Trudeau designed one helluva play field. This is one of Stern’s highlights, and you can get it in either pro or limited edition. I say spend the money for the LE, but both games are great. You can pick them up between $5-8k depending on quality.


Also be aware that there is a Gottlieb Mustang from 1977. However it’s based on the horse–not the car.

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