Feds Could Sue Hollywood Over Lack Of Female Directors, Says Report

Posted by February 15, 2017 Comment


Hollywood’s lack of diversity behind the camera could soon become a legal issue. According to a report from Deadline, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has charged all major Hollywood studios with violations for failing to hire women as directors. The charges are part of an investigation into the matter that began last October, but according to the report, which has not been officially verified by the EEOC, the agency is currently seeking a settlement for the violations. If no settlement can be reached, the agency could file lawsuits, the report contends.

This report follows news yesterday that the Directors Guild of America attempted to push studios to adopt a rule forcing them to interview minority candidates for any open position. The idea was reportedly rejected by studios. Now, it looks like it might become a matter for courts to decide, unless a settlement can be reached.

All of this leaves us with just one question: has anyone shown the EEOC Bleeding Cool’s latest Gendercrunching article? Because if they think Hollywood has an issue…

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