When Arnold Schwarzenegger Sparred With Nickelback Over Gerrymandering On Twitter

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When former California governor, action movie megastar, and not-so-popular Celebrity Apprentice host Arnold Schwarzenegger, he used an easy target to make his point: Canadian butt-rock band Nickelback:

He went on to make his case against the partisan reorganizing of congressional districts to ensure electoral victory:

But hold on! Nickelback wasn’t about to take this insult lying on their backs (even if that’s what most people listening to their music must do in order to avoid uncontrollable vomiting):

The band referenced Arnold’s role in Batman and Robin, widely considered to be “the Nickelback of Batman movies.” But Arnold, the consummate politician and celebrity reality show judge knew exactly how to cool tensions… with a couple of Mr Freeze related puns.

And peace was restored in the kingdom:

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