Warren Ellis Will be Bringing Midnighter And Apollo To The Wild Storm – And Here Are 8 Pages Of #1

Abraham Reisman interviewed Warren Ellis for Vulture about The Wild Storm, the first issue of which is out this week from DC Comics by Warren Ellis and Jon Davis-Hunt, showing off a number of pages (which we are also running below). Reisman talked about how important Warren’s first work for Wildstorm was with the Stormwatch and The Authority with Bryan Hitch and how it changed the look of superhero comics across the board. I might have mentioned Ultraforce, which trialled a number of those ideas it seemed, and may have been why Wildstorm picked Warren up at the time. But then I probably wouldn’t be suitable for Vulture…

When asked if he would be using Midnighter and Apollo, both of whom appear in their own DC Comics-continuity series by Steve Orlando and Fernando Blanco, Ellis said

I think Steve is a fine writer, and the book he writes is a good and necessary thing. So, early in the process, I made sure everyone knew I didn’t want this to extinguish Steve’s book. I’m making use of the DC multiversal structure. This is, if you like, “Earth-Wildstorm,” a parallel universe to the regular DC world. This means that Steve’s book takes place in the mainstream DC universe. That frees me to use Midnighter and Apollo, which I plan to — but they will be alternates, and very different versions. Steve’s book stands on its own two feet, and I don’t want to mess with that.

Though you may have to wait…

Well, dropping those names wasn’t much of a spoiler, and they’re a long way away in any case. I have a scheme. I can tell you that Henry Bendix will be along shortly — he’s an original, core Wildstorm character and it’s not like I was going to resist dusting off the creepy old git in any case.

Here’s a look ahead of tomorrow.

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